The application process at thyssenkrupp: Your route into a team of more than 158,000 colleagues

Career at thyssenkrupp | If you are passionate about technologies and products that shape the industrial future, thyssenkrupp is the place for you.

Sustainable development, digitization and urbanization are just a few of the wide-ranging fields in which thyssenkrupp is active and you can get involved. We offer entry and advancement opportunities in many countries around the world. We are seeking talented, ambitious people in the areas of engineering, production, research & development, IT, marketing & sales and in various support functions. The first step on this journey is to apply to us, and we have designed the process to be as simple and transparent as possible.

If you have the required documents including resume, cover letter and certificates ready, applying via our online application portal – which offers more than 1,000 vacant positions – will take a maximum of 10 minutes. On receipt of the application, our HR department will review it and you can expect feedback within a few days. If your profile matches the position, the first step is usually a telephone interview. This enables us to gain an initial impression of you as a person and you can learn more about thyssenkrupp as an employer. If we can win each other over during this call, the next step is for your application to be sent to the department offering the position. Now we come to the interesting and exciting part: If your application also wins over the specialist department, personal interviews will follow. Here it’s important to prepare thoroughly for potential questions by learning as much as you can about the position and area of the company beforehand – and above all, think about what information you need to be able to make a decision.

An interview is about getting to know each other so always stay positive and confident. More tips can also be found on our career site:
After the most exciting step in the application process – the interview – comes hopefully the best part. In the interview both sides have established that you and thyssenkrupp are a good fit. Once we have agreed the contractual details, we will send you your new employment contract. And then you will work with us to shape the industrial future.

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