Wind of change – we’re building windmills not walls!

Corporate culture | Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | People at thyssenkrupp | “In times of change, take advantage of the new wind instead of fighting it”. That’s the view of the Digital Sales Lab (DSL), say Michelle Labonté, Chiara Möllerfriedrich and Kim Nitsch.

They and their colleagues form a dynamic team of experts from the areas of Sales Excellence, Digital Marketing and Customer Foresight & Technology. By bringing together these three areas, they are taking advantage of changing market requirements and offering customers integrated digital sales solutions.

The same mindset counts

For all the importance of implementing projects successfully, the focus is on people and cooperation. The team is breaking down traditional hierarchies – and replacing them with different but equal voices and opinions. For example, all team members are included in decision-making processes, including when it comes to recruiting new colleagues. Qualifications are not the only factor in team building: “Despite our different skills and levels of experience, it’s important that we all have the same mindset so that we can work together as a team to find sustainable solutions for our customers,” explains Daniel Gäßler, Head of Sales Excellence in the DSL team.

Implementing goals successfully

A central component of collaboration is to create an appreciative atmosphere in which everyone can realize and apply their potential. This involves a mindful and considerate approach to the way they act towards other team members, customers and of course themselves. “We support each other to drive our joint development and achieve our goals,” says Chiara Möllerfriedrich.

In this way, goals such as optimizing the customer experience or designing and executing successful sales strategies can be achieved. For the Digital Sales Lab, customers are front and center. But a team can only work well if it is comfortable with itself, something the Digital Sales Lab understands.

Getting out of the comfort zone

Great importance is therefore attached to a healthy, balanced working day. This can be seen in many areas: Once a week the team takes lunch and goes to yoga together to strengthen trust in one another, on both a personal and professional level. “It’s a great feeling knowing that you can always rely on your team and that everyone is doing the best they can in their area,” says Michelle Labonté. “This doesn’t go against the concept of autonomy. We encourage each other to develop outside our comfort zones and pursue our own ideas”. Within a short space of time the team has received positive feedback from other departments for its special working atmosphere and way of collaborating.

Always the customer in mind

The Digital Sales Lab has realized that mental health has a major influence on performance, motivation and (job) satisfaction. With a cohesive team, the importance of joint success increases, as does intrinsic motivation. Through collaboration with other teams during projects, this idea is spread throughout the Group. “Our philosophy means we never lose sight of our goal and the customer,” says Kim Nitsch. Thanks to this philosophy the team is breaking down silos in marketing and sales and, by uniting methods and technologies, driving the success of the company.

Learn here more about the Digital Sales Lab and its strategy for success.

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