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Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Dual courses of study are becoming increasingly attractive - in addition to practical training, they attract students with remuneration and good career opportunities. But no sweat, no prize: While other students enjoy their semester breaks, dual students are in the company and have to pass their exams within a set time frame. Peter Rudolf is a dual student at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and tells us why he decided to do a dual study program at the shipyard and what interested parties need to know about the dual study program at thyssenkrupp.

Peter studies industrial engineering and management in the sixth semester at the Nordakademie in Elmshorn. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems in Kiel is the cooperation company for his dual studies.

Hello Peter, how did you come to choose thyssenkrupp Marine Systems as the training center for your dual studies? 

When I was looking for a company that would support my goals, it was important to me that a company stands out through the special know-how of its employees and teams. I was reluctant to work in a company that produces “standard goods”. In the end I chose thyssenkrupp Marine Systems to learn more about submarine construction. In this area, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems has a density of expertise like no other company in Germany. 

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Peter Rudolf, dual student at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, is happy to share his experiences of his studies at the shipyard and hopes to motivate people interested in the dual study program.

Have you always been interested in surface and underwater technology? Why?

Yes, I have always been interested in surface and underwater technology, because on the one hand I am a technology enthusiast and on the other hand I have a great love for the element water: I have a lifeguard training, the CMAS diving certificate and was a member of a training group of the DLRG for years.  

Even though I rarely went to the sea before starting my dual studies, I always wanted to live on the coast. To be able to work at the seaside now and go to the water spontaneously during my lunch break is simply brilliant. 

Which technologies are you most interested in and could you imagine working in this field after your studies?

Recently, I saw how AR (augmented reality) glasses can help in the product development process. It was like a science fiction movie for me. But this “fiction” is already reality in our production.

Very simply summarized: You put on a pair of glasses that show you where, which component belongs on the product (submarine). This is particularly impressive for such a highly individualized and technologically sophisticated product as a submarine. I can well imagine participating in the development and introduction of new technologies. 

What formal requirements did you have to meet to get your current place of study?

The first basic requirement is that you have at least a vocational baccalaureate in your pocket. The Nordakademie also requires that you take an online test to check your individual suitability for the course. Strengths should be recognisable, especially in the natural science subjects. The cooperation universities at which students can take up dual studies at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems are Nordakademie, Hamburg Technical University and Kiel University of Applied Sciences. 

In addition to the curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation must also be submitted with the application. My tip for the letter of motivation is that a reference to the company should not be missing. It is very important to write why you are interested in thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and which aspects of the company you are particularly enthusiastic about.

What was the application process for your dual studies?   

The application process starts with the application letter, which can be submitted online via the thyssenkrupp career portal. You should always find out in advance about the specific application processes at your cooperation school: For example, Nordakademie requires you to pass an online test. 

If your application letter to thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is convincing, you will be invited to the assessment center in the next step. Anyone who makes progress here will then be invited for an interview. 

What do you enjoy most about your dual studies?

For me it’s the variety that you get as a dual student at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. In principle, it is possible to get a taste of every area of the company as a “duali”: from practical assignments in production, where I was allowed to work with electricians in a submarine, to planning processes. Everywhere, I was very kindly accepted into the team and learned to assess how I myself would react to the challenges in different areas.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, CEO, Rolf Wirtz

Communication and teamwork across all floors: dual student Peter Rudolf in conversation with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems CEO Rolf Wirtz.

What do you find particularly challenging?

Studying at the Nordakademie is challenging and requires dual students to really get involved in their studies. The illusion of a “student life” with numerous parties and a lot of free time I would like to take away at this point from all those who are considering dual studies. Anyone who decides on a dual study program at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems should definitely bring a certain amount of self-discipline with them.

It is the challenges in particular that make up the whole appeal of dual studies. If everything were “ordinary” and you could do everything without effort, the growth of your own professional competence would also be lacking. 

How many semesters do you have time for your studies and with what minimum grade do you have to pass your exams?

It is contractually stipulated that we have to complete our studies within the standard period of study. So in my case seven semesters over three and a half years. That varies from course to course. 

We do not have minimum grades for examinations. At thyssenkrupp Marine Systems it is not a question of assessing professional competence and individual performance on the basis of grades alone. The focus is always on people. 

How many fellow students do you have in the dual study program at the shipyard?

In my year there are eight other “dualis” at the Nordakademie. A total of 40 dual students are currently employed at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. 

What would you like to do after graduation?

I imagine starting with a position in lean management after graduation. There I would like to analyze and improve the performance of complex production processes. In the long term, I would like a position in which I can participate in strategic decisions of the company. 

Dual students at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems should have the right motivation, a good portion of hard work and a fable for surface and underwater technology. If this applies to you, you are the right person for a dual study program at the shipyard in beautiful Kiel. On our career portal you will find all the information you need about available study places and application procedures. 

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