We like to move it.

Work safety | This year we shall again be taking part in the World Day for Health and Safety at Work - with a worldwide pedometer challenge.

At thyssenkrupp back pain and musculoskeletal disorders are in the top 5 of the health problems influencing work. Movement usually helps to relieve symptoms or prevent them before the occur. Nevertheless: Everyone knows it and no one can bring himself to really do something about it, well, to move. Therefore, thyssenkrupp has called for a global pedometer competition on this year’s World Day for Safety and Health. And promptly 60,000 of 155,000 people have registered.

From Australia to Japan to Germany and to Mexico more than 4,500 teams walk on April 28, 2016. The team that counts for the most of the steps on average has won. But most of all, all have moved and everyone has at least once thought about how movement it can be integrated on the way to work or during the work. We think: Good thing, keep moving.


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