Useful tips for starting your career at thyssenkrupp

Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | At last we’re ready to get started: the application process has been completed, the contract has been signed and your first working day is approaching. Welcome on board!

We’d like to make the transition to the new world of work as smooth as possible by sharing a few tips with you. What applies to top politicians also applies to you: in the first 100 days, you’ll lay the foundation for your future professional success. We hope that the tips will help you to learn about the corporate culture and settle in well. And remember, there’s no need to be nervous: we were all once newbies.

We’ve no doubt that these tips will help you perfectly apply your skills and expertise in your daily work. And we’re sure that your team can hardly wait to get to know you. So accept invitations (e.g. to lunch) as often as you can. Get to know how your team ticks and maintain an open attitude.

Try to understand your environment!

The best ideas come from teams in which everyone knows exactly what they have to do. Discover your division’s objectives and structure. Talk to colleagues to find out about practices, former projects, and everything else that’s going on within the team. In our global Group you need to understand thyssenkrupp as a Group, identify connections, and play an active role in our shared journey to reach your full potential. Remember: you’re a piece of the whole puzzle.

Build up a network that crosses divisions!

Look beyond your own team! Developing contacts with colleagues in other divisions may be useful for your future career. To enable everyone in our Group to work together better, we frequently offer cross-company opportunities to meet colleagues.

Recognize the value of real teamwork!

If you invest passion and commitment into everything you do, you can achieve great things – that’s how it is at least at thyssenkrupp. But as well as investing in what you do, you need to invest in your team. This involves being honest with your colleagues, demonstrating a willingness to help out, and sometimes stepping back a little. Remember that we don’t expect you to know everything on the first day. Give yourself time to learn the ropes in your new surroundings. If you make an effort to settle in properly, you’ll find that your colleagues will be more receptive to your ideas.

Request feedback!

We understand that you want to play an important role in your team right from the start. But at the same time, the members of your team understand that new employees can’t be expected to know everything. Your colleagues won’t think any less of you if you need a little advice every now and then. After all, cooperation isn’t just an empty word – either at thyssenkrupp. So don’t be afraid to ask others for feedback on your performance. The ability to learn from criticism demonstrates commitment, passion, and humanity.

Utilize fresh sources of information!

By playing to your strengths and always putting quality first, you’ll develop a good reputation. However, you should remain open to criticism. Nobody’s perfect. By working closely with your colleagues and making use of Group-wide sources of information – such as our thyssenkrupp engineered blog – we guarantee that you’ll continually improve.

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