Discovering Stockholm sustainably

mobility of the future | Sustainability and climate protection | Urbanization | Worth knowing | The subway, Stockholm's "Tunnelbana", moves half a million people through the Swedish capital every day. With immediate effect, thyssenkrupp is servicing the 440 elevators and escalators in Stockholm's metro and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Locals and tourists use the metro to get to work or the next tourist attraction safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. We have asked Torben Schwientek what else is going on in Stockholm in terms of sustainability. Torben is a dual student at thyssenkrupp and lived near the capital for six months. Here he shares his very personal tips on how everyone can discover Stockholm in a sustainable way.

1. take the subway – it is a sight in itself

the metro of Stockholm will be serviced by thssenkrupp

Around 270 million passengers use the Stockholm subway every year. Not only is it much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a taxi or rental car, it also takes passengers into the world of art. How that is possible? Probably the largest permanent exhibition in the world is located right in the 110-kilometre-long subway network. 90 of the 100 stations of the Metro are designed by artists from all over the world. So while you’re waiting for the next train, you save the time queuing up at the museum ticket office.

2. discover the sustainable district of Hammarby Sjöstad

Hammarby Sjöstad, part of Stockholm

I think that many parts of Stockholm are worth a visit. But less known to tourists is the Hammarby Sjöstad district. The entire area is on the waterfront and is a great place for young tourists. There are many trendy restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity of water and modern architecture wherever you look. And: The district is regarded as a prototype for visionary life in the future. Here, the ecological footprint should not only be kept as small as possible – those responsible even want to achieve self-sufficiency in energy. Hammarby Sjöstad can be reached by a free ferry from the city centre.

3. experience Sweden from above – a walk over the roofs of Stockholm

Why don’t you take a walk? Granted: This tip is intended more for tourists who are looking forward to an adventure. For people who are afraid of heights a walk over the roofs of the Swedish capital certainly does not sound very inviting. But to get to know Stockholm from a new perspective, no tourist has to book a helicopter flight. Tourist will experience historical backgrounds and anecdotes combined with a 360-degree view – all well secured on a roof hike. The sidewalks at 43 metres above sea level lead visitors once around the quarter of the former Reichstag building on the small Stockholm island of Riddarholmen.

4. on two wheels through Stockholm

Cycling trough Stockholm is a great experience for everyone.

Cycling through a big city, in the middle of the city traffic – this thought is not reassuring for every cyclist. In Stockholm, however, the city concept is perfectly geared to cyclists – and this also applies to visitors from other countries. The cycle paths in the Swedish capital are very well developed. One possibility would be to rent a bike at one of the many rentals. There is also a City Bike Card, which is ideal for a short city trip, because it is also available for three days. Visitors can borrow a bike at any station and return it to another rental station. Completely flexible and environmentally friendly – just as the whole city is.

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