thyssenkrupp hitches up it’s knickers!

Corporate culture | Engagement | People at thyssenkrupp | "thyssenkrupp hitches up it's knickers" - that was our motto for a pilot project on corporate volunteering in cooperation with the volunteer agency and the Weststadtakademie Essen.

Integration does not work on paper. Integration only works if you tackle it. As an employer, we want to give every employee the opportunity to play an active role in shaping our society. That’s why we are involved in “Companies get stuck in!” – an initiative of the Ehrenamt Agentur Essen. The initiative is part of the publicly funded project “Arriving in Essen!”. Since 2016, the volunteer agency has made it possible for locals and refugees to meet in Essen.

Initiator of the project was board member Dr. Donatus Kaufmann. An interested conversation with the Ehrenamt Agentur Essen at the farewell of the Green Water Axis quickly became a pilot project. 13 colleagues, including Dr. Kaufmann, showed curiosity and openness for respectful and encouraging interaction with people from another culture and were part of the exciting corporate volunteering project. They met a total of three times with people who had fled, whereby the active speaking of the German language was the focus – the basic prerequisite for successful integration.
At the start of the three meetings, all of which took place in the thyssenkrupp headquarter, the Green Capital film “Das Wunder von Essen” was watched together and… Afterwards we talked about the districts and history of Essen and about current developments in the city.

The second meeting focused on professional topics: letters of application and CVs were expertly discussed, opportunities and possibilities were explored – requirements for training and internship positions were discussed, but also hobbies and opportunities to become active in clubs. Some fugitives have gone home with concrete plans and developed results.


The third meeting was all about enjoyment: with the expert support of the in-house catering specialist, employees prepared delicious meals together with those who fled. There was pizza and – to everyone’s delight – fruit with lots of chocolate. During the feast we reviewed the meetings and some colleagues exchanged their contact data with the fugitives.

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