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Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | If you need stamping dies for the automotive industry, Elias Friedrich – a tool engineer – is your man. He is well aware that fractions of a millimeter can make the difference between rejects and perfect parts in his work, but precision and skilled craftsmanship are right up his street.

He began his career at thyssenkrupp in 2013 with an apprenticeship as a tool engineer and now works in toolmaking. He is currently working on a trimming tool for car side panels in Lockweiler. But not alone – he is part of a 10-strong team of men and women who produce a wide range of stamping dies, which can take anything up to six months to complete.

Growing up with thyssenkrupp

thyssenkrupp has been part of Elias Friedrich’s life since he was little. Not just because he grew up in Wadern near the Lockweiler site, but also because various generations of his family before him have already worked at thyssenkrupp. But the deciding factor in starting his apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp was an internship he completed at the company’s production operations while at college. Elias Friedrich has never regretted his decision. Whether at home in Lockweiler or on installation assignments in England or Hungary, he enjoys traveling, visiting different production facilities and getting to know a wide variety of people.

In his free time he enjoys sport and supports the soccer team Atlético Madrid. Although he won’t be doing that during the 2018 Soccer World Cup: Then he will of course be supporting the German national team and believes our players have a good chance of retaining the trophy.

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