There’s an app for everything

innovation | And if the three founders of startup company logarithmo have anything to do with it, there’ll soon also be an app for complex mathematical algorithms. At least that’s the idea they presented to thyssenkrupp CEO Hiesinger at a meeting in the thyssenkrupp Quarter.

“Impressive, motivating, and extremely helpful,” replied the three budding entrepreneurs when asked how their meeting with thyssenkrupp CEO Heinrich Hiesinger had gone. The business founders from TU Dortmund University had been given the chance to present the idea behind their startup to Hiesinger and hear his feedback under the Initiativkreis Ruhr’s “Smart am Start” (Start Smart) program.

Felix Friemann, Sven Christian Müller and Sebastian Ruthe like to compare their idea to an app store for mathematical algorithms: “But instead of selling downloads, we carry out complex calculations on customers’ data in the cloud. The results are transmitted to the customer within seconds.” The aim is to allow companies easier access to mathematical methods used in research.

“He’d actually read our business plan”

And what was the aim of talking to Hiesinger? “To get some open and honest feedback,” agreed the doctors of engineering before the meeting. It seems to have worked. After the meeting the three were impressed that Hiesinger had given their business idea some thought beforehand. “So he didn’t just share his experience with us, he kept asking questions, pointing out potential problems, and giving us concrete advice. That was a real help.”

Hiesinger too enjoyed the meeting: “It was informative to me to see how the three go about providing complex mathematical methods as a digital service.” His offer to put them in contact with potential users at thyssenkrupp was of course snapped up by the trio.

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