The “mpe connect” app: Good service through transparency and trust

Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | innovation | The mpe connect app saves our customers additional phone calls and mails. Important documents or the current order and delivery status can be easily tracked at any time and any place.

To optimize processes, thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe has added a new solution to its portfolio of digital applications: mpe connect. Customers can access information digitally and in real time via their smartphone, per. desktop and tablet app to optimize their processes. Daniel Schorzmann, Project Manager Operative Digitalization and founder of the thyssenkrupp appfactory at thyssenkrupp Materials Services, talked to us about the birth and goal of the mpe connect app.

“The idea for the app was born during a large-scale customer survey. It turned out that the customers had a great need for an app to track their deliveries. We then worked with Materials Processing Europe in individual sprints and the app was gradually developed in just a few months. The focus was on both a simple and intuitive user interface and a high-performance connection to the existing merchandise management system,” says Schorzmann.

Transparency: Track packages and deliveries at all times

Similar to the tracking of parcel shipments, mpe connect provides a kind of track & trace function. With the app, customers can track where their delivery is in the internal value-added process and what the current order status looks like around the clock. The use of the mpe connect app is not tied to a specific type of hardware or software, but can be used free of charge on smartphones with the iOS and Android operating systems as well as on tablets and stationary PCs.

Review: How could customers get information about the delivery status earlier?

The need for a digital solution such as mpe connect became clear in a large-scale customer survey. At thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, different volumes are called off at different times of the year under supply agreements. With these quantities it is important to keep an overview – both for us and for our customers,” explains Lisa Levasier, Project Manager Business Excellence at thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe. “In the past, customers had to call us or write e-mails to find out when the next delivery would arrive – whether it would be on time and in what denominations”. Today, all this can be seen with just a few clicks.

A good feeling: with mpe connect, our customers keep track of their orders and delivery data at all times.

mpe connect: Decisive advantages for order and supply chain transparency

With the introduction of the mpe connect app, the additional effort for mails and phone calls is eliminated.

“The app not only makes the internal supply chain transparent and accessible, but we also create a great deal of additional added value because, for example, material test certificates can be downloaded simply by clicking,” explains Daniel Schorzmann. What’s more, the app can be used anywhere and at any time: customers can check their order status 24/7, anywhere and on any device.

This is what the app – functions of mpe connect can do at a glance

To give an overview of what customers can view and download with the mpe connect, we have summarized the most important functions:

Overview of all open orders with expected delivery date
Display of all orders in stock
Retrieval of all picked orders
Overview of all dispatched orders with indication of the destination
Display of all open invoices (When & what do I have to pay?)
Customers can independently add or remove new users in their company to the app
Data export function for further use and analysis at the customer
Simple and user-friendly filter and sorting function for order data
Download of order relevant documents – such as material test certificates

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