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thyssenkrupp worldwide | How would you configure an elevator? Would it have mirrors? Would the walls be brushed stainless steel? What would the buttons on the control panels look like? Noble and understated - embedded in the panel surface or are there no buttons at all in your custom-made elevator and instead touchscreens only? Most of the time, such decisions are much easier if we can see and try out the different options live.

In India there are already two Customer Experience Centers for the elevator division. The first center of this kind in Pune opened in 2017 and has been so well received by our customers that a second was opened in 2019: The Customer Experience Lounge in Bengaluru!

 Creating experiences and simplifying decision-making

Very few people make large purchases, such as the purchase of lifts for the furnishing of a building, without having examined the products beforehand. This is why there are now two Customer Experience Centers where customers can experience and configure the elevator of their choice live. With these centers, we want to be closer to the customer and understand his demands and needs surrounding our elevators and the services we provide.

Different rooms of the Customer Experience Lounge feature different parts of our evelators – for example different button setups for the user interface.

Why we opened a second Customer Experience Center

“We wanted to reach out to our customers in Southern India and repeat the success of our first Customer Experience Center in our new Customer Experience Lounge in Bengaluru,” says Manish Mehan, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator India.

“In addition, the Bengaluru lounge houses four mock cabins with a design that is suitable for high-quality residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Customers can choose from various elegant control panels and cabin designs to create an aesthetically pleasing elevator of their choice.”

Wide and inviting rooms provide a high-quality surrounding for our customers.

Skillfully staging a broad product range

Our Customer Experience Centers are like a product catalogue – but better! The variety of options can be overwhelming when making a purchase decision. Digital technologies such as virtual reality and interactive apps make innovative lifts and system solutions such as the MULTI, the TWIN, ACCEL and MAX tangible and therefore more graspable. The visual and haptic presentation and display of our products help our customers to envision the elevators in their very own buildings. The vivid impressions gained by a visit helps our customers in getting to know our products better.

We use material on local and global reference projects to illustrate what our elevators look like in reality once they are installed in a building.

“The aim is to give our valued customers an understanding of our wide range of products and our unique technical capabilities under one roof. We are confident that our customer-focused approach combined with our expertise will certainly add value to our customers,” says Manish Mehan. We use local and global reference projects to show what our elevators look like in reality once they are installed in a building.

Open doors create trust

The Customer Experience Center in Pune and Customer Experience Lounge in Bengaluru is a place where we can take our customers on a journey and either reassure them that they are considering the right product or show them more appropriate options that are more suited to them and their building.

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Our Customer Experience Center and Lounge are like walk-in product catalogues for our customers.

Thanks to the direct support in these two Customer Experience Centers and the first-hand experience of the different models, our customers are well advised before purchasing one of our products. To put it simply: With us, what you see is what you get. This transparency creates positive experiences as well as trust. This is how we build long-term customer relationships and ultimately facilitate sales.

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