Sweepers also need dampers

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The carnival hangover is still in the air and on the streets. Spring storms whirl around old foliage and garbage. This means high season operation for Germany’s road sweepers.

The shock absorbers and the sweeper jigs are subjected to an unusually high load when it comes to removing tons of dirt, glass shards, cigarette butts and co. Both the maximum payload and the durability of the absorbers make special designs necessary. In order to be optimally suited to the task spectrum of their compact sweepers, Schmidt turned to the shock absorber experts from thyssenkrupp Bilstein.

Our colleagues from Ennepetal immediately accepted the implementation of this customer request. The result of the joint development are two damper models differing with regard to the various axle loads of the two- and three-broom sweeper variants. The challenge for the absorber is to guarantee a balanced driving behavior even when the container is full. That is why our colleagues developed shock absorbers where the strut has been reinforced and the stop buffer resists approximately four times the force compared to the standard absorbers from passenger cars. Every year, we produce around 500 of these special dampers, which is enough to equip 125 Schmidt compact sweepers.

The shock absorbers are used in the highly-maneuverable Schmidt “Swingo 200+”. With this vehicle, roads, paths and places can be optimally swept. Thanks to the retractable suspension, it can even be used in car parks and underground garages.