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Career at thyssenkrupp | Engineering | People at thyssenkrupp | As a Project Engineer for the Rack EPS Group (focusing on Electrical Engineering), Julius says he told the Recruiter (after a series of interviews), “I accept the position!”

He said the fact that thyssenkrupp has a good, solid reputation in the engineering field coupled with the element that he was impressed with the quality of thyssenkrupp’s products and offerings, led him to make the decision.

With an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and previous experience working on EPS motor control and PCB design, he states that his current position has increased the scope of what he gets to work with per view of the system. He adds that he is also involved in other areas of the EPAS system from software to Mechanical (and not only Electrical).

A great place to work!

Julius’s best moment at thyssenkrupp was when he visited the development centers in Eschen (Liechtenstein) and Budapest (Hungary) last year. And he remarks that what he likes most about his workplace is that he has a very approachable boss and colleagues. He says that it is a relaxed environment and that they are very knowledgeable, helpful and engaging in regards to work and that there are great opportunities to expand your learning experience. He further states that he would definitely recommend thyssenkrupp as an employer of choice for the simple fact that they value their employees and it is a great place to work!

He says he always knew that he would end up working as either an Engineer or Architect, but had no specific inclination to a particular industry – although he did have a keen interest in cars! He mentions that his favorite product is EPAS and he likes any technology that employs complex control theory, like the EPAS system.

A “real Engineer”

Julius says that he felt like a “real Engineer” when he was given an EPS system and told “make it work”! He states that a typical day for him involves meeting planning, collecting action items and requirements, and then spending time in the lab filling those requirements as well as documenting findings and reporting the final outcome. Then, he says, he also carves out time to address customer concerns. He then adds, he likes to drink tea to help give him that extra boost so that he does not miss any exciting developments.

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