Speed coaching – pit stop on a personal development journey

Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | People at thyssenkrupp | From skepticism to enthusiasm in 30 minutes! Everyone knows speed dating. By contrast, speed coaching is much less well known – but no less exciting and highly effective. Here too it’s all about finding something in a short space of time: but helpful ideas for job and career matters rather than the love of your life.

“I have to admit that I was skeptical to start with. What can you achieve in 30 minutes?” says Ann-Christin Haag, who works at the thyssenkrupp Group headquarters in Essen. “Now I’m a total fan thanks to the food for thought I gained from this format.”

Good preparation pays off

Frank Fischer and Dr. Anna Rennen, who both work in global talent development at thyssenkrupp, have hit the jackpot with the implementation of speed coaching. “We developed the idea in collaboration with our operating HR colleagues Maren Haimhof and Nadine Specht and are delighted with the positive feedback from all over the Group. Speed coaching is a kind of pit stop on a talent’s development journey,” says Dr. Anna Rennen. To ensure the pit stop is a success, good preparation and a professional coach are essential. “The preparation is particularly valuable in helping candidates gain clarity about their personal career challenges,” says Frank Fischer.

Promoting individual career development

From many years’ experience, Georg Schwinning knows exactly how important coaching is for the professional development of managers and employees. “Conventional coaching is usually a longer-term process,” says Schwinning. “So speed coaching is a useful alternative for providing support when it comes to answering individual questions.” In this way speed coaching is a valuable addition to the global Talent Management program at thyssenkrupp and helps young talents in particular shape their personal career development at an early stage.

Always at eye level

In a private room the external coach meets their discussion partner on an equal footing, with a professional view and a sympathetic ear. Well-briefed in advance about what speed coaching is and what it can achieve, candidates enter the dialogue with targeted questions and emerge encouraged and with new perspectives. “We are really happy with the speed coaching,” says Fischer. “It enables us to provide individual talents with targeted support.” Next, please!

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