SolarCar team ready for Australia

mobility of the future | New dresscode for the blue.cruiser team

The teamwear has arrived; nothing can stop the Bochum University’s blue.cruiser team now. You can sense the excitement. The students are all ready to put the finishing touches to their solar car and finally set off on their long-awaited trip to Australia to compete in the World Solar Challenge 2017. For that, they’ve got the perfect outfit.

For the disclosure of the thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser’s elegant and sporty design of the new solar car we still have to wait until the start of July, when the new solar car is to be unveiled at Bochum University.  For the team, this will mean another step closer to the outback.

Patrick Tlauka (r.) from thyssenkrupp Steel knows every inch of steel in the blue.cruiser.
Anna Meincke from Steel gives the students advice on sustainability.
The blue.crusier has a powerful motor: That’s the work of Abdullah Kahveci (center) from thyssenkrupp Steel and his solarcar partners.
Finding the right materials: Christian Hermert (3rd left) from thyssenkrupp Materials Services helps students select materials for the vehicle.