Do profiles on social media help or hinder applications?

Career at thyssenkrupp | How can I use social media when applying for jobs? And should I do so at all?

While in some countries personal social media profiles are already seen as a common way to hone your applicant profile and communicate an impression of your personality, it has (to date) been less common for the social media presence of applicants to be taken into account in Germany. You do not have to be active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to join thyssenkrupp. However, if you are, your social media profile is well maintained and you want to use it actively as a communication tool, here are a few tips:

Showcase your strengths

You travel a lot, are a passionate chess player or analyze the stock market in your free time? Perfect. You’re good at math, languages or IT? Even better. Communicate your strengths and interests – in the form of posts, comments and virtual resumes. For example, use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post relevant content or XING to publicize your specialist qualifications.


The more you network with other users, the easier you will be to find on the World Wide Web. Keep making new contacts – professional and private – and connect with people from all over the world. LinkedIn and Xing offer you a fabulous opportunity to connect with users from a wide variety of sectors and functions in a professional environment. And soon perhaps even with a potential employer.

Attract attention

Always keep your status entries and profile information up-to-date and publish interesting articles, comment on relevant posts, follow friends, colleagues and personalities on Twitter, get active in the community, e.g. in a Facebook group discussion. In short: Stay on the ball. It’s the only way to ensure your network doesn’t lose touch with you.

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