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innovation | People at thyssenkrupp | Kadja Ribeiro knows the value of working for a global company. She started working for thyssenkrupp while in Brazil and then transferred to her current role in the USA as a Financial Analyst.

Equipped with a Master’s degree in Finance, she is instrumental in helping to control projects as well as oversee capital planning, risk assessment process and performance improvement initiatives (Impact) in support of the leadership team at thyssenkrupp Elevator Americas.

Career as a financial analyst

Kadja declares that she loves what she does and that it is hard to choose what she likes most about her job. However, she does add that her best moment at thyssenkrupp was when one of the projects that she controlled while in Brazil was nominated for a Global Award (Synergize + Award 2015). She says with a smile, “Unfortunately, we did not win, but being nominated for a global award with a company that has more than 150,000 employees was a great accomplishment.” She further adds that, “In addition to the savings and impact that the project team made on local business in Brazil, I was proud to be part of the team.”

Open culture

One of the things that she values most about working for thyssenkrupp is the fact that there is an open-door policy, where she can talk directly with Directors, VPs and C-Suite. She states, “Not all companies are like that.” Kadja also remarks that what she values and appreciates most about her colleagues is that they are “The smartest people that I know.” She affirms that she would definitely recommend thyssenkrupp as an employer of choice (and that she has already done so), by acknowledging that her brother-in-law works at the Canadian operations.

Kadja says that MULTI is the thyssenkrupp technology that she finds most intriguing. She says with excitement, “OMG, I LOVE MULTI!”  She confides that a typical day for her starts with a morning talk with one of her colleagues (in that they are always the first ones in the office), and then evaluating projects all day.

She also reveals that she does indeed have a work ritual that she performs on a regular basis. She says that on a weekly basis she likes to write one fun math equation on her office window. One of her latest equations: f(x) = |x| Avoid negativity

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Gaurav Patil
  • written by Gaurav Patil
  • 17. July 2018

Amazing! specially the math equation 😀

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