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thyssenkrupp is currently developing pioneering solutions to meet many different challenges, including urbanization, sustainable energy, and new forms of mobility to name but a few. You can get into the middle of the action with our new blog, engineered. How do innovations come about? How does an idea go from the concept stage to become a finished product? Who are the people developing new ideas every day? Find out more about the most spectacular projects and the most impressive results in engineered: Always straight to the point and always entertaining, no matter how complex the topic is.


engineered aims to create a lively forum. Now it’s your turn to get involved! You can comment on posts and chat with other users. Share content via social media, posting what you like on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+. Yet it doesn’t stop there; you can also write for engineered. Do you have an interesting story, a great photo, or some exciting news? Simply contact our editorial team with the topic you would like to present to a larger audience.


You can also turn engineered into your fully customized news desk. You can filter topics according to your level of interest, save articles to read later, and store them in your personalized topic boxes.


engineered regularly focuses on one interesting topic in particular. Smart energy, or intelligent technologies for supplying power, characterizes the start of the blog. engineered will present you with exceptional and pioneering innovations in this field in the coming weeks.


We hope you enjoy rediscovering the world of thyssenkrupp, now available to you in digital format.

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  1. v | 20.05.2015


  2. Felipe Meirelles | 24.05.2015

    Congratulations! this is really incredible, what a video. This is exactly what we need here in Brazil, show people that we are not only an elevator company!!!!! I’m at total disposal if you need something from our market, TK products, Brazil and others! Congratulations I just loved!!! So proud to work for TK!!!! It’s a great job Mrs. Jelena Batic

  3. Guy Richards | 26.05.2015

    Great that TKIS is embracing social media. This however is the message that I got when I wanted to share the post of facebook?
    Access Denied (policy_denied)
    Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.
    For assistance, contact your network support team
    Can you confirm that this is the policy? Is it possible to share on linkedin?

    • Bull Shit | 27.05.2015

      Have you ever seen anything working right at TKIS?
      I have not.

    • Hello Mr. Richards,

      we have checked all our features, and we currently see no problems with the sharing function. To be able to further help you, could you maybe tell us a bit more about the error message? Is it coming from Facebook, your browser or the computer itself? Unfortunately, we do not have a sharing function for LinkedIn, but thank you for the great idea!

      Best Regards,
      ThyssenKrupp Online Team