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Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Yes, it’s true. As a business consultant you’re numbers-driven and can serve up detailed PowerPoint presentations at the drop of a hat. You also often live out of a suitcase and wear smart suits.

Broad spectrum of tasks

But are they good reasons for pursuing a career in business consulting? Of course not. After graduating, Rene Mäurer and Benedikt Vogd chose to start as consultants in thyssenkrupp’s in-house management consulting unit:

“For me, the diversity of thyssenkrupp’s businesses is the most valuable aspect of my work,” says Rene Mäurer, “from organizational issues to performance improvement to digitization processes – our project landscape has it all.”

Interest developed during apprenticeship

Before joining the international group in Essen, the 29-year-old completed an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant at the then thyssenkrupp Nirosta GmbH. He then studied for a degree in economic science. Against the background of his apprenticeship, Rene Mäurer became interested in working on consulting projects for an industrial company. So at the beginning of 2019, after completing a further internship at thyssenkrupp and his master’s degree, he decided to join the diversified industrial group full time.

Very special team spirit

thyssenkrupp Management Consulting GmbH offers me excellent development opportunities, constantly changing tasks, and a very special team spirit which I’ve never experienced anywhere else.”

The company slogan “engineering, tomorrow, together” isn’t just an empty phrase for him, it’s real and it plays a central role in his daily life. “It’s an essential part of our work in the project team, because nobody can manage the often complex issues alone. That means that within the team we always have to support each other and develop solutions together in cooperation with our client. A project will only be successful if everyone involved gets behind the solution”. As a consultant he often has to adapt to rapidly changing situations and take on a lot of responsibility, but he believes challenges make you stronger and sees this as one of the main attractions of his job.

The right career choice

His colleague, Benedikt Vogd, began his career with an internship in 2017 before joining thyssenkrupp Management Consulting as a consultant in 2018. Previously Benedikt had studied industrial engineering, majoring in mechanical engineering, at Aachen University, combined with a dual master degree program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. “From family and friends, I knew from an early age that a career in consulting offers wide opportunities, so I quickly came to realize that it could be a suitable path for me too”. Today he works as a consultant mainly in Essen and the Ruhr, but he can also be based at any other thyssenkrupp site in the world.

No two days are alike

“I’m really enjoying working on what is probably the biggest transformation process in thyssenkrupp’s history in a role involving exciting tasks. Being young, I can learn a lot and gain deep insights into our current themes”. The exciting thing about his job is having to engage with a completely new project and subject matter every three to six months, which means for him too that no two days are alike: If there’s time, the project team begins the morning with a quick check-in to update each other on the most important tasks and meetings for the day ahead. Then they each go about their work, help colleagues or give each other feedback where required. Late in the afternoon they set out their to-do list for the rest of the day. “And if it’s going to be a late night, we’ll order a takeaway and eat together in the office”.

Sounds like a challenging and exciting job? Interested in working in Management Consulting at thyssenkrupp? Then send us your application

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