Playing in the Champions League – but in Kiel

Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Whether on land, in the water or in the air: Knowing you have a good team behind you is everything, as senior mechanical engineer Erdal also knows from his days on the pitch.

A true original

Having worked for thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH for 40 years, the Schalke fan is a shipyard veteran and a real character. He completed his apprenticeship as a fitter here as a young man from 1979 to 1982, became a foreman after many years as a team member and has now been a senior shipboard fitting engineer for 17 years.

Rely on the team

Together with his roughly 30-strong team of experienced technicians and skilled workers, he is responsible for fitting out submarines from bow to stern, including for example the installation of propellers, shafts, telescopic devices such as periscopes, pumps and engines. He can rely on his team 100%. “I always say to my lads: remember we’re playing in the Champions League here, we want to be the best and need to act accordingly. And that’s what happens – we all pull together, but that only works because we also all get on well with each other.”

Together through thick and thin

The 56-year-old has known many of them for twenty or thirty years from when they were apprentices. “We are very close and go through thick and thin together,” says Erdal proudly. “thyssenkrupp has become like a second home for me and many others.” Erdal’s heart is in the right place and he is always there for his team, even during tough times. His colleagues know that and as such they greatly appreciate Erdal  not only for his many years’ experience as a senior mechanical engineer, but also as someone they can always turn to. However, Erdal doesn’t just do the rough stuff, he also has very green fingers and spends a lot of his free time in his garden or with his grandchildren. Retirement? That’s something he won’t be considering for a long time yet because he is still passionate about submarines, even after 40 years.


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