Photo competition: Safe at work

Work safety | Safety and health at work – everyone immediately thinks of shoes with steel toe caps, large-scale construction sites, heavy machinery and loads, but honestly: Do you always stick to the marked walkways? Do you drink enough water? Do you make sure you take regular breaks? The topic of health & safety has many facets. And not just once a year on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work – but in particular on that day – we focus on this topic.

At thyssenkrupp locations all over the world various campaigns are run that focus on safety-relevant topics such as working at height or health issues such as stress management. Unfortunately the fact is that alongside the most frequent occupational injuries – namely injuries to hands and feet – serious accidents resulting in fatalities often occur as a result of falls.

So it is all the more important that we never take our eye off the ball when it comes to health & safety. And what better way to ensure this than with a photo competition where all employees share safe and healthy behavior with each other. Colleagues from 53 countries around the world responded to our appeal to “show what you do to make your daily working life healthier” and shared a total of 4,245 ideas via an app because they all have a common goal: “Zero Accidents”.

Here are some of the creative contributions with the we care mascot:


  • written by Clayton
  • 5. May 2018

The best picture of all! Congrat!

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