Hockey ace Oskar Deecke helps on mission Korea

#tkgoesPyeongChang | Engineering | People at thyssenkrupp | thyssenkrupp has been collaborating with luge world champions Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken since 2014. The goal is clear: gold in South Korea. This time in our series about the team behind the world champions we introduce Oskar Deecke.

The three elite athletes Oskar Deecke, Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken are sitting in the thyssenkrupp bistro in Essen and sharing memories. The luge double Toni and Sascha reflect on the 2014 games in Sochi where they finished 8th. That’s well below what they are capable of, but it was the starting point for their collaboration with thyssenkrupp. The new target is clear: Gold. Oskar Deecke knows what Toni and Sascha are thinking because the field hockey professional is already a champion. With his team he won gold in 2012 and bronze in 2016. Oskar can’t provide any practical tips about the ice track but after two Games and two medals he knows what’s needed mentally – valuable experience that Oskar can now pass on to the two lugers as a member of the pit stop crew.

The emotional stories behind a global brand

His professional experiences have also shaped his mental strength: Oskar Deecke has worked at thyssenkrupp since 2014. Having started as a trainee in the Communications department, he is now a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (CSR). In this role he seeks out fascinating CSR topics and stories from throughout the company and plans them into strategic communications. And he even played a role in one of these stories himself – as he tells Toni and Sascha. He jumped on a plane and visited a middle school in India, the “Hockey Village India” supported by thyssenkrupp. In India’s rural regions there are now several of these villages that provide educational opportunities for children where learning is combined with sport. While he was there Oskar passed on some of his hockey skills to the children as well as values such as team spirit, motivation and dedication. “It is important to us to help children in this difficult environment,” says Oskar.

In 2017 Oskar Deecke traveled to “Hockey Village India” where he connected learning with sports.

Oskar Deecke – sporty from head to toe

Alongside his CSR duties, Oskar is also responsible for the selection and production of promotional items. His first highlight was creating a sportswear collection for all thyssenkrupp employees in collaboration with adidas. To ensure the clothing fits everyone properly he organized a Germany-wide truck tour to enable colleagues to try on and buy the adidas collection. The sportive collection is very well received by the employees: “It’s fun to see that the employees like the thyssenkrupp collection so much. They identify with the company and wear the clothes in their spare time or during sports with their colleagues. This promotes a feeling of togetherness in the Group”. What Oskar really enjoys about the two roles is the great variety: “You have to think flexibly – on the one hand you have to manage projects in a very structured and organized way and on the other hand keep an eye out for interesting and emotional topics.” And these traits also help when it comes to winning medals.

Having started as a trainee in the Communications department, the former professional sportsman is now a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at thyssenkrupp.Having started as a trainee in the Communications department, the former professional sportsman Oskar Deecke is now a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at thyssenkrupp.

The professional sportsman in the pit stop crew

The pit stop crew, which now also includes Oskar, naturally also wore the sportswear collection at the track as they supported Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken at the World Cup race in Winterberg. Oskar is the perfect choice for the team’s newest member – who could support the crew better on their way to PyeongChang than a gold expert? He can provide his personal experience and expert opinion to support the lugers in their quest for gold in South Korea. And when it comes to the sporting aspect Oskar Deecke is giving the double his full backing: “Toni and Sascha are absolute professionals. Anyone who goes to the Olympics wants to achieve the maximum. It would surprise me if the team didn’t go into the competition with that expectation and self-confidence.”

The thyssenkrupp pit stop crew

thyssenkrupp has been cooperating with luge world champions Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken since 2014. Three engineers from the Group contribute their expertise to making the sled faster and better year by year. The carbon pod has been further enhanced, the runners optimized and the key elements of the sled – the blades – made even faster. Two communications experts are also accompanying the lugers in their work. The goal is clear: Gold in South Korea.

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