No barriers to becoming a product designer

People at thyssenkrupp | Full integration at work despite a disability is still not a matter of course. The new thyssenkrupp training center in Neubeckum shows how it can work.

Wherever equipment and machinery is designed and engineered, technical product designers are needed. On the computer they bring the ideas developed by engineers to life. Christian Homburg is in his 2nd apprenticeship year and possesses the necessary spatial awareness, good grades in physics and mathematics, and strong teamwork skills. As a wheelchair user he is familiar with the daily difficulties of moving around freely. At the new training center in Neubeckum he doesn’t have to struggle with such problems as it offers completely barrier-free access.

“In my working environment I can complete all activities independently,” says the 20-year-old. “Almost all doors can be opened electrically, table heights can be adjusted and the elevator buttons are easy to reach. In short: from the building entrance to my workstation everything is just right.”

But it’s not just the technical requirements that have been met: his colleagues also think in a “barrier-free” way. “Yes, my colleagues are all very open and helpful,” Homburg is delighted to report. “As an apprentice you are never left to your own devices, either during work or breaks. We’re a really strong team here.”

“We’re a really strong team.”

Christian Homburgthyssenkrupp apprentice

thyssenkrupp has invested around €2.4 million in the center. 83 tons of steel were used in its construction and 11.5 kilometers of power lines and 10.2 kilometers of IT cables laid. It now provides advanced training facilities for apprentice industrial mechanics, machine tool engineers, industrial clerks, technical product designers, chemical laboratory assistants and IT specialists, and people on integrated mechanical engineering and mechatronics courses.


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