Next Stop for start-up Orbica? Cooperation!

Corporate culture | Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | innovation | trends of technology | 18,631 kilometers lie between Christchurch in New Zealand and Essen. A trip takes at least 27 hours. It is time-consuming and certainly not always comfortable. But for „BeyondConventions“ the start-up Orbica has set off. And in the end, it wasn't just worth it for the young company.

Together with other companies from the region, thyssenkrupp has set up the “BeyondConventions” ( platform. This is where start-ups face the real challenges of large corporations. The young companies’ technologies, creativity and assertiveness were required in various challenges. Because in the end there was no prize money or award for the best digital solutions, but real cooperation and orders.

Europe director for Orbica, Peter Rose and CEO Kurt Janssen (both at the right) on the BeyondConventions stage.

BeyondConventions: In search of unconventional solutions

Orbica from New Zealand was there, too, and decided for the drone challenge. “On our construction sites, we have to measure construction progress at regular intervals. This takes a lot of time because we do the check manually. So we compile data, walk across the site and look at the buildings. We knew there had to be a more efficient solution,” said Benjamin Berndzen, who works for thyssenkrupp’s industrial division.

At BeyondConventions it is all about creative solutions for real corporate challenges. And with its drone approach, Orbica delivered exactly this.

In a seven-minute pitch at BeyondConventions, Orbica presented a way to automate this process and save time and labor costs. “We fly a drone over the construction site and take pictures with it. We combine these with our 3D modeling techniques and artificial intelligence and can thus document all changes to the buildings very accurately,” explained Peter Rose of Orbica.

Orbica shows: The concept of BeyondConventions works

A concept that works. “Orbica presented the most convincing solution at BeyondConventions,” says Berndzen. That is why the first pilot project was carried out just a few weeks after BeyondConventions. With success. Together the feasibility of the idea could be shown. The system works. A deeper cooperation is therefore being planned.

Für Orbica ist das Konzept bei BeyondConventions aufgegangen.For Orbica the concept of BeyondConventions worked. The start-up now started working together with thyssenkrupp.

All based on a thyssenkrupp challenge and Orbica’s 7-minute pitch. “As a small start-up, BeyondConventions has enabled us to work with large companies,” explains Peter von Orbica. This is the idea behind BeyondConventions. It seems to be working. That’s why the digital event will come back again on February 12th and 13th, 2019.

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