New employer branding campaign: #brandblue now even more colorful

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In November 2015 thyssenkrupp repositioned its brand and wrapped it in a fresh new #brandblue corporate design. For us at Human Resources (HR) this was also the perfect opportunity to rethink thyssenkrupp’s employer branding. So together with our colleagues from Corporate Communications we got to work. HR took care of the conceptual side and developed an employer value proposition – our personality as an employer, which we describe with attributes such as “work life balance” and “development opportunities”. Our communications colleagues then translated our attributes into the new corporate design. These were important steps in the development of the employer brand, but we still weren’t satisfied. We wanted to show people: “Wow, that’s exactly what it feels like to work for thyssenkrupp.” After all, other employers also offer development opportunities, and a corporate design alone does not make a first-class employer. We needed more.

We wanted to make it more personal, more honest, different. So we went back to the people who know best of all what it’s like to work for thyssenkrupp – our employees. And we didn’t just ask them why they applied for a job with the Group; we posed a very specific question: “What makes you keep on deciding to work for thyssenkrupp every day?”  Many different words were used, but the answer was clear: “The people.”, “My colleagues.”, “My team.” We realized that is exactly what thyssenkrupp stands for as an employer. We develop great technologies and products because we have great people. For them, working together with their colleagues is THE reason why they stay with us long-term. That’s quite a compliment.

We are happy to receive compliments and put them to use directly. That’s why we decided to make the design of our employer branding campaign colorful and diverse, just like our people. They are now at the center of our employer branding communications, giving applicants a first-hand feel of what it is like to be part of our company. The campaign is being produced by our creative agency Bobby & Carl. We will tell employees’ stories on our career channels. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken part.

Thank you for letting us pester you with photographers. [Foto shooting USA]


Thank you for letting us show your faces – sometimes larger than life! [CHRO Oliver Burkhard and Head of Communications Alexander Wilke at the annual pressconference 2017]


Thank you for sharing your stories with us and all the people out there. [Foto shooting in China]


We have learned what we really already knew: It takes great people to do great work. We have lots of them at thyssenkrupp. And we are looking for more of the same. So: Get active. Apply.

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