MULTI: Our sideways-moving elevator system

Rapid urban growth is here to stay.

Half the world’s population already lives in cities. This number will jump to 70% by the end of the century. In fact every day, builders put up the equivalent of a one-million person city.
Optimizing vertical development and preserving greenbelts for nature and recreation are priorities in today’s smart cities. Mid- to high-rise buildings offer the most economical and environmentally viable solution to numerous urban challenges. But: Elevator shafts take away usable area and traditional rope systems are inefficient: New York City office workers spent a cumulative 16.6 years waiting for elevators, highlighting the importance of increasing the availability and efficiency of elevators every year.

Not a game – but a game-changer

Introducing the elevator industry’s holy grail and the end of the 160-year reign of the rope-dependent elevator. MULTI harnesses the power of linear motor technology to move multiple cars in a single shaft both vertically and horizontally! MULTI enables shorter waiting times, significantly increased capacity, a much smaller footprint and substantially reduced weight and mass.

MULTI also has a job waiting – in Berlin

The very first MULTI will be installed at OVG Real Estate’s new East Side Tower in Berlin. The building – adjacent to the Mercedes-Benz Arena and neighbor to Warschauer Strasse – is set to become a new landmark on the Berlin skyline. OVG is already known for cutting-edge projects like The Edge in Amsterdam, renowned worldwide for earning the ‘world’s most sustainable office building’ title. Coen van Oostrom, CEO OVG Real Estate says: ““We are absolutely delighted to be the first customer of this forward-thinking new technology. We hope that the East Side Tower will become a new landmark on the Berlin skyline. Such a flagship project demands an intelligent, innovative and sustainable building design – and MULTI will deliver exactly that.”

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