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Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | All of us are constantly going through change. Job requirements are also changing continually and at an ever increasing pace. So we inevitably learn a lot as time goes on.

To boost this process by giving employees quick and easy access to a wide range of training programs, the thyssenkrupp Academy, the center of education for executives and employees of thyssenkrupp worldwide, has set up a digital platform for innovative and efficient learning: the Digital Learning Library.

Fun interactive learning instead of endless trawling through charts

Under the motto “YOU learn – WE grow!” the platform offers exciting learning formats across a wide variety of subjects and represents thyssenkrupp’s new learning culture. Instead of long drawn-out modules, tuition is provided in bite-sized 5 to 20 minute sessions. Fun interactive learning instead of endless trawling through charts. All this plus an attractive design in various formats.

Linked to the we.learn global learning platform, the Digital Learning Library contains around 2,500 web-based learning programs, videos and documents in 16 languages available 24/7 to all employees, regardless of function and position. This brings learning closer to the workplace and allows users to access knowledge content as they choose and learn at their own pace.

Digital learning platform inspiring enthusiasm

“A very valuable and effective addition to ongoing education and, looking ahead, a great alternative to classroom training,” says Andre Lipski from thyssenkrupp Business Services GmbH. Since the online learning platform was launched in May 2019 he has been using the digital library regularly for information on personal development, leadership competencies, communication, time management, and virtual and intercultural collaboration. Andre Lipski is enthusiastic about the new way of learning. “Being able to get the information you need when you need it is very useful and above all effective. Waiting for the next training course is finally a thing of the past”.

Classroom training and digital learning – a good combination

“Just try it out and be open to new subjects,” says Julie-Christin Wienen from the thyssenkrupp Academy in Essen, who with her colleagues Dr. André Pohlkamp, Mona Hild and Marc Cuypers helped launch the Digital Learning Library and create a unique training resource for employees of thyssenkrupp. Many other departments also contributed, including Marketing, IT Security and our data security colleagues. “But this doesn’t mean the end of classroom training. Far from it. The combination of digital learning and classroom training is extremely effective and a hit with employees,” says Mona Hild. The digital library clearly fills a gap and is in line with current trends, as around 16,000 employees around the world ar sing the new digital training resource.

“We’re delighted that this transformation project has proved so successful in such a short time and we’re getting lots of positive feedback from employees and executives alike,” says Dr. André Pohlkamp. “The numbers show that the new way of learning is being taken up and its existence is justified!”

Click here for our information for employees on access to our Digital Learning Library.

The team of the thyssenkrupp Academy informs the employees about the Digital Sales Library.

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