International Self Care Day: fit despite full-time job

Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | Work safety | Every day we take care of many things: we take care of our family, our friends, our pets, our jobs. But when do we actually take the time to care for ourselves? To raise awareness for this problem, the International Self Care Day was launched in 2011. It has since then been celebrated annually on July 24, a date that symbolizes that the benefits of self-care are experienced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So what does it actually mean to “take care of yourself”? Well, it includes activities that we should all be doing to maintain our health, wellness, and well-being – with one of the most important activity being sport. As the International Self Care Day is the perfect occasion to share self-care strategies, we want to give you some tips on how to balance sporting activities and work.

How to fight your inner couch potato

Planning to do more sports is one thing. Really doing it, however, is another. Especially if you have a full-time job. We have asked doctor Silja Kaweh on her recommendations of how to motivate yourself: “A way to force yourself to undertake a sports activity regularly is to take your sports equipment directly to work. This way you don’t fall into temptation to stay on the couch once you get home.

Training together with colleagues motivates and is much more fun

Training together with colleagues motivates and is much more fun

In addition, you should set yourself realistic or concrete goals at the very beginning. For example: ‘I want to run regularly once a week!’ or ‘I want to be able to run for 30 minutes at a time again!’ Another good way to motivate yourself is to look for like-minded people. It increases the fun factor and you also have a control instance, such as: ‘Where were you yesterday?’ or ‘Why haven’t you been training?’”

Train regularly and train right

When it comes to how often and for how long you should train, Dr. Kaweh has clear recommendations: “Endurance training for 150 minutes per week and intensive training for 75 minutes per week. Units of 30 to 60 minutes are ideal, but shorter units should also be effective. For far-reaching health effects, aerobic training of 300 min per week with moderate intensity or 150 min with more intensity is recommended. For a strengthening of your musculature and for the improvement of your mobility you should plan at least two training-days a week.”

But it is not only important to train on a regular basis, but also to do it right. For example, if you sit at your desk all day long you should do something to activate your opposing muscles. Dr. Kaweh: “You can do so with yoga exercises, or moving your arms to the front and the rear and stretch or move your head and neck in all directions while running.”

Sport is also recommended for those who work physically

Sporting activities are also recommended for those who work physically

Even if you have a job that involves a lot of physical work, additional sporting activities are important. Dr. Kaweh: “Many say: my job is sports enough already! But that’s not correct. You usually place stress on only one part of the body, so that, for example, endurance sports and stretching are important as compensation.”

Workout during working hours

Although most sporting activities are usually done before or after work, there are special exercises that you can do at your workplace or in your office. Keeping your break times, drinking enough water, and eating light and healthy food will contribute to your well-being as well.

And, of course, you can also join the programs that thyssenkrupp offers, such as running groups or other sports or health activities. At thyssenkrupp Materials in Miamisburg for example, there is a regular fitness challenge where you get more points the more steps you take within a certain period. This not only keeps you on your toes, but also pays off in other ways. Participants can earn 300 points through various activities and save money on their insurance programs.

thyssenkrupp has a lot of sporting activities to offer as well

thyssenkrupp has a lot of sporting activities to offer as well

No matter what you do to take care of yourself, it is always a good idea to plan in advance. For example, you can create a weekly plan that allows you to see when it suits you best. And last but not least: besides all the positive effects sports has on your physical health, it can also work wonders for your mental health as well.  Because no matter whether you really power things up or relax with yoga – doing sports helps you to clear your mind and keeps you from thinking about the stressful times at work.

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