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Thinking outside the box – this is the focus of Innovation Garage. It’s about leaving familiar surroundings to question traditional ways of thinking and learn new methods. Participants work and learn together in teams uniting a wide range of functions, business units, age groups and hierarchy levels. Together, they come up with a wide range of ideas to address the concrete needs of their customers. Above all they experience what it is like to be part of a new, dynamic innovation process. When they return to their business units they then help strengthen thyssenkrupp’s innovation capabilities.

Future of Mobility: 570 ideas, 30 prototypes

The first Innovation Garage took place between January and June 2016. The results were impressive. Five teams developed 570 ideas and more than 30 prototypes, all forward-looking solutions for the mobile world of the future. How can self-driving cars be completely redesigned? How can data from thyssenkrupp components be marketed in a new business model? And what can be done to prevent travel sickness, so that journeys in self-driving cars can be put to productive use?

Start-up atmosphere in a traditional company

Patric Hellermann, Program Director of the Innovation Garage, is impressed by the results of the pilot project:

The levels of follow-through and cooperation in our teams are comparable with a Silicon Valley start-up

With this experience and a new approach to innovation, participants will return to their normal working environments with the ability to implement ideas in agile fashion and change the spirit of innovation at thyssenkrupp.” Alexander Gulden, CTO of thyssenkrupp´s and patron of the first Innovation Garage, is also fully behind the program: “The Innovation Garage offers us a completely new opportunity to drive innovation in a different way to traditional development processes. For the participants, it is particularly important to know that their own managers are behind them. Innovation also needs the courage and commitment of our top leaders.”

Check out how the participants experienced innovation garage in the following videos.

What happens when you pull engineers from their daily routine and let them tackle a new problem?

What happens when you confront engineers with the problem of finding a problem?

What happens when engineers tinker their ideas with Legos, 3-D printers and paper?

What happens when engineers put a lot of effort into their pitch to win over the investors?

Find out more about one of the example projects: https://carvaloo.com/



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