Health & safety are not a coincidence

People at thyssenkrupp | Work safety | As professional sportspeople know well: You will only achieve your goals and the best results if you train a lot and practice regularly. It’s a similar situation when it comes to the Safety Day at thyssenkrupp.

Although numerous awareness-raising and interactive activities will be happening in connection with the Safety Day, safety plays a key role in the Group throughout the year. And it’s not just about preventing accidents at work, it’s also about staying healthy – physically and mentally. Health & safety have always been important at thyssenkrupp but the introduction of the WeCare campaign four years ago made a big difference throughout the workforce and across all levels – from the cleaning staff to the CEO. And while it was something employees were only really conscious of in acute emergencies in the past, “looking out for each other” has now become second nature and the Safety Moment a popular routine: At the start of every meeting or event a concrete health & safety topic is addressed and practical, thought-provoking tips provided.

200 days without accidents

Regina Hänsch, project coordinator at the Wadern site, takes this so seriously that she also keeps her eyes open in her private life to ensure for example that a cable doesn’t become a trip hazard. As a project coordinator she visits a lot of Group locations and true to the motto “every little helps” she systematically includes the Safety Moment in workshops, addressing typical behavioral traps in everyday situations. And this approach is successful – Regina Hänsch is satisfied to note that the accident-free phases are getting longer and the display board shows 200 days without accidents.

Leaders have to be role models

In thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions China, the We Care campaign and the Safety Day are also of great importance. Discussions about We Care topics with both office staff and project teams, coordinated by Kenny Min Wang as OSH Manager, to plan the Safety Day and prepare the dialogue have been underway since the end of March. In addition to various workshops, a campaign is planned to get people to sign the We Care poster as a formal commitment to promote health and safety. “Nothing just happens overnight. Changing the behavior and mindset of employees is a long process,” says Kenny. “My own behavior as a manager is also important. Every company staff shall be a role model and so I actively encourage people to lead by example, buildup their coaching and intervention skills, as well as always keep the Chronic Unease concept in their mind”.

Improving awareness of sources of risks

Renee Eagle, EHS Engineer at thyssenkrupp Presta Danville in den USA, agrees. Here health & safety are seen as an ongoing process aimed at improving awareness of sources of risks in work situations. How important it is to do the right thing at the right time is something Renee knows from personal experience. Her quick and courageous help once saved a colleague’s life when the person choked on breakfast. “I will never forget that moment and I am happy I was able to put the first aid training I had received into practice,” says Renee. As a symbol of gratitude and appreciation, Renee Eagle was presented with the Life Saving Award by the CEO on March 19, 2019. At Presta Danville a variety of interactive activities and workshops related to the Safety Day will also be taking place, including for example the presentation of new techniques for identifying sources of risks more quickly.

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