MAX: Clairvoyant, math genius and engineer all in one

Urbanization | Anyone who has ever waited for an elevator in a lobby knows the feeling: After around 20 seconds you start looking at your watch, shifting from one foot to the other and staring at the stairs. Why is it taking so long, and can’t the waiting time be shortened?

Around the world over 12 million elevators move more than one billion people every day. That makes elevators the most frequently used means of transport worldwide – far ahead of cars, trains & buses or planes. Measured against the number of journeys every day, waiting times are already very short – but at ThyssenKrupp we want to optimize them further: The solution is a small, smart box called MAX which we have developed in cooperation with Microsoft.


“Alongside revolutionary innovations such as the TWIN elevator and the cable-free MULTI technology, MAX is the second cornerstone of our strategy.”

Andreas Schierenbeck, ThyssenKrupp Elevator CEO


MAX monitors and analyzes all the elevator data on an ongoing basis: How quickly does the door close, how quickly does the elevator accelerate, what condition are all the components in? These data are sent to the Cloud, where they are analyzed. If abnormalities are detected, the data are compared with all the values in the ThyssenKrupp elevator database. Are there instances of similar values, and could a component be about to fail? This all happens in the blink of an eye – notifications are sent to the smartphones of our service technicians in real time: “A component in the elevator on ThyssenKrupp Allee needs to be replaced.”


“Using intelligent data, ThyssenKrupp can revolutionize the service business and further improve cooperation with building managers.

Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO”


This enables us to repair the elevator before it stops working, minimizing downtimes. As a result, the maximum number of elevators is always available to those waiting in the lobby. Or in other words: There’s no waiting around because an elevator isn’t working. MAX enables us to carry out proactive maintenance – thanks to a small, smart box which is a clairvoyant, math genius and engineer all in one.

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