Germany’s highest viewing platform at our test tower

innovation | The thyssenkrupp test tower, which is now in full operation, is the newest tourist attraction in the region, as well as a landmark of engineering, progress and innovation. Engineers are testing rope-less, high-speed elevators in the spectacular new building. On the roof at a height of 232 metres, guests can now enjoy a 360-degree view over the Black Forest and Swabian Alb

At peak times, up to 150 workers defied wind and weather to complete the tallest building in Baden-Württemberg. thyssenkrupp Elevator and the city of Rottweil are now celebrating a high flying record-breaker: On 7 October 2017, almost exactly three years after the ground-breaking ceremony, the visitors’ platform at the thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil will be open to the public for the first time. Located on the top floor of the artfully constructed building, it is Germany’s highest viewing platform.

The tower will weigh 40,000 tonnes when completed – as much as 8,000 African elephants. Since the ground-breaking ceremony in October 2014, 15,000 cubic metres of concrete and more than 2,500 tonnes of steel have been used to build the tower. For the textile architecture, industrial climbers worked around the clock to wrap the tower in just under 17,000 square metres of glass fibre in 24-hour shifts. The polymer-coated texture not only gives the building that ‘certain something’ but also protects it from intense sunshine and reduces the building’s movement by breaking down the forces of the wind.

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