Front runners in climate protection

Sustainability and climate protection | When it comes to climate protection, we are one of the leading companies in Germany’s DAX stock index.

This has been confirmed by the international non-profit organization CDP “With a score of 99 A minus in the 2015 climate change report, thyssenkrupp AG has earned the status of ‘Index Leader DAX’”, says Susan Dreyer, head of CDP in Germany. This may sound a bit complicated, so here is the short version: “That makes thyssenkrupp AG one of the ten best companies this year.”

Investors need climate data

CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project). holds the world’s biggest collection of corporate climate data. The organization publishes its annual climate change report on behalf of 822 investors representing assets of 86 trillion euros. Almost 2,000 listed companies disclosed data to be independently assessed against CDP’s scoring methodology.

Leading in DAX and DACH

Thanks to its climate protection activities thyssenkrupp scored not only as one of the DAX leaders, but also as one of the five best companies in the energy and materials sector in the German-speaking DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Energy of 14 offshore wind farms

We have set ourselves high goals for the future, too. By now, we have optimized our energy consumption by 2.2 terawatt hours. Our aim for 2020 is around 3.5 terawatt hours. That equates to roughly 1.3 million tons of CO2. For comparison: A wind farm like Alpha Ventus off the Borkum island produces an average of 250 gigawatt hours per year. One terawatt hour equates 1.000 gigawatt hours.

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