From road to rail

Automotive-sector | How thyssenkrupp’s foundry coke is transported by rail

We’ve all been there: You get on the freeway and there’s an endless line of trucks one behind the other like elephants at the circus in the right-hand lane. But an innovative solution from thyssenkrupp means that there are now fewer trucks on the road.

To transport the foundry coke from Poland and the Czech Republic to where it is used in Germany and Denmark, thyssenkrupp Metallurgical Products has transferred its transportation from road to rail. In so-called BlackBoxX containers the foundry coke has a safe journey to its destination.

But of course they are not doing this just to help car drivers. This solution has two particular advantages: It is economical for our company and benefits the environment.

One train can include 54 BlackBoxX containers, each holding 27 tons of coke. Two trains per week travel from Poland and one from the Czech Republic to Germany and Denmark, meaning that roughly 200,000 tons of coke can be transported by rail every year. This saves around 8,000 truck journeys totaling approx. 6.4 million kilometers per year. This method of transportation also ensures the coke arrives in better condition as it is handled less frequently.

The coke arrives safely at its destination – with no worries about traffic jams.

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