Engineering is part of our DNA

Engineering | innovation | People at thyssenkrupp | For Engineer's Week 2021, we talked to our engineers about their fascination with innovative technologies and their very personal motivations for becoming engineers.

“Scientists study what already is. Engineers create what has never been before,” is a famous quote by Albert Einstein, pointing to the spark of creativity that, along with technical know-how, is the soul of engineering. This innovative power, curiosity to develop new things and solve problems is something that all our engineers we spoke to on the occasion of Engineer’s Week 2021 have in common. In this article, we would like to share some of the moments from the conversations with our experts with you:

1. Jan-Hendrik Scheuer, Field Engineer IoT at thyssenkrupp Materials Services, about engineering and the importance of the IoT platform toii® for machine parks:

2. Dr. Christian Hecht, Head of Quality Control Governance at thyssenkrupp Steel about the desire to become an engineer and the role of electrical steel in a successful energy transition:

3. ❄️At temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, ensuring that all systems remain ice-free & the entire plant can be walked on is anything but easy. Maria Kharitonova, engineer for Supply Technology at thyssenkrupp Plant Technology, tells us about her day-to-day work under extreme conditions: Read more about Maria’s exceptional work here.

4. Thierry Hassler, Senior Manager Manufacturing Engineering Smart Assembly at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology, on what makes a good engineer and how artificial intelligence is changing automotive production:

We would like to thank our engineers who made themselves available for an interview and all the others who contribute to the innovative strength and technological expertise of the thyssenkrupp group on a daily basis. In our Engineering & Innovation stories section there are more articles to read – all about the art of engineering.

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