Effective applications: Making it “easy” for the customer

Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | innovation | Smart factory | Why should apps only simplify our private lives? At thyssenkrupp we use them in many areas of our company. In addition to the "easy entry" software, Materials Services has developed another customer app: "easy supply". This means: faster reordering of the required materials - "easy" via smartphone!

The easy supply app is an app that our customers can download to their smartphone via the App Store and use it to reorder materials simply by scanning a QR code. The “easy entry” software, on the other hand, describes a software that enables customers to record their goods using a scanner and to automatically transfer the incoming goods to SAP.


It all started with “easy supply”!

Our developers built the app under the direction of the internal Digital Transformation Office. Before it went live, it had to pass many tests at the Munich branch of thyssenkrupp Schulte, a Materials Services company. Munich is home to the Digital Garage: a team of experts brings the company’s digital developments to market maturity and puts them to the acid test. The app has successfully passed the test phase and is now being used at our other locations as well.

“Our customers also asked us to provide a mobile solution,” says Andreas Kellermann, branch manager of thyssenkrupp Schulte in Munich. “With the “easy supply” app we now have created a further milestone for smart interaction with our customers, making their everyday work more convenient and allowing them to fully concentrate on their core business.”

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No more manual typing: Scanning the code enables a direct transfer of goods receipts to SAP.

 “App”solutely easy to operate – and it saves time!

The functionality of the “easy supply” app for smartphones is simple: By scanning a QR code, the app recognizes the material; the quantities can be individually specified and sent within the application. Our “easy entry” software works just as easily: By scanning a QR or bar code, the customer can transfer the product-specific details of the goods, such as material number and delivery quantity, fully automatically to his IT system.

The advantages: A process, which previously took several minutes, is now completed in just a few seconds. Thus, the potential for manual transmission errors is reduced. In addition, customers can use thyssenkrupp product labels to label the material in their own processes – including individual additional information such as storage location or further processing. Ilse Henne is CTO of Materials Services and knows how important new innovative and effective solutions are: “We have to evolve because our customers evolve. What drives us is our customers’ changing needs.”

App Factory: All-inclusive package for digital customer service

In a digital connected world, the accessibility of data and functions at any time and at any place directly at the point of use becomes crucial to stay ahead of the game in particular in the field of industrial business. A team within thyssenkrupp has specialized in the implementation of mobile applications: The App Factory. “We offer state-of-the-art technology to simplify and streamline the business processes of our internal and external customers. The focus is clearly on intuitive user experience,” says Daniel Schorzmann, who heads the internal App Factory. The App Factory helps to plan the project in an agile way and refine the concept. The digital experts also manage the development of the software and take care of the necessary tests. “We offer the agile all-inclusive package,” summarizes Schorzmann. The portfolio includes apps for a wide range of devices – whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Easy entry, thyssenkrupp, Material Services

Easy entry enables our customers to record data efficiently and time-saving even for larger incoming goods.

Digitization: The app as part of the bigger picture

In digital transformation, we work along the entire value chain. In addition, as Germany’s leading materials trader, we offer our customers comprehensive and individual access to our product range. The key to this is the provision of all channels. With applications such as the app, we supplement the existing range of customer portals, EDI interfaces, online shops and personal contact.

Therefore, the solutions are a benefit for our customers and for us as well, of course. But rather a benefit on the way to accelerating even more processes with digital applications and developing them ourselves, so that apps can be used more often in everyday business. You can download the easy supply App for iOS here and for Android here.

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