Doing good together: thyssenkrupp employees help victims of natural catastrophes

Corporate culture | Engagement | People at thyssenkrupp | The "thyssenkrupp help for one world e.V." association founded by employees supports victims of natural disasters - since 2005. 5,235 euros have just been donated to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

From one second to the next, standing in the middle of debris and ashes – this is what happens to victims of natural disasters all over the world. Memorabilia such as family photos, souvenirs or important documents are probably the smallest loss. Often there is not much more left for those affected than a destroyed existence and mourning for their family members. Most of them lack any chance to find their way back into a “normal” life, because people in developing countries do not have the financial means to do so.

This was also the case for the victims of the tsunami disaster in the coastal region of the Indian Ocean in 2004, when more than 230,000 people died and 1.5 million were made homeless. Immediately after the tsunami catastrophe in 2005, the fate of those affected prompted thyssenkrupp employees to found the non-profit association “help for one world” as a sign of solidarity. Since then the association has collected donations again and again, for example for the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan.

Help for one world has just handed over a donation of 5,235 euros to the initiative “Mission East Deutschland e.V.”. The donation was collected in a two-month donation campaign by thyssenkrupp employees and is intended to help people who lost their homes and relatives or were wounded by a landslide in western Nepal. In addition to helping affected families, Mission East is taking disaster preparedness measures, such as providing on-site training in landslide behaviour and promoting disaster management in communities so that people are better prepared for future natural disasters.

On the photo (from left): Oskar Deecke (CSR Manager, thyssenkrupp), Alexandra Ziegler (Managing Director tk help for one world), Kim Hartzner (Mission East co-founder and Managing Director), Jana Goepel (Mission East), Michael Brödel and Peter Dollhausen (both Board members tk help for one world)

It is particularly important to both associations that the donors also learn which people are helped with their donations and how. Therefore, a detailed report will be published in 2019 to inform supporters about the concrete use of donations. Behind this step is the hope of ensuring greater transparency and motivating colleagues to become active themselves at thyssenkrupp help for one world.

Mission East co-founder and managing director Kim Hartzner is also pleased about the great cooperation of the association: “With the donation we can make a difference in Nepal and really help those affected. We are very pleased about your support and appreciate your social commitment as well as that of your employees”.


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