Coke-oven plant turns bakery

Sustainability and climate protection | At thyssenkrupp, coke oven gas is processed into chemical products – including baking powder

“Admittedly, we were somewhat nervous when we left the laboratory and started the pilot plant here in Duisburg”, says Sebastian Riethof from Berlin Technical University. He is standing in front of the pilot plant, which is dwarfed by the huge Schwelgern coke-oven plant next to it. “Testing under real conditions will show the practicality of our theoretical findings.” What is tested in the pilot plant is whether valuable chemical products can be made from coke-oven gas – fertilizer, for example, or expanding agents for the chemical industry, or even baking powder. The project is a shining example for cooperation between industry and academic research. When the process is stable, the new type of plant can be sold to coke-oven plants worldwide.


See the video for more information:

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