Challenge: Product Lifecycle Management

Career at thyssenkrupp | innovation | People at thyssenkrupp | Formed out of three separate thyssenkrupp companies in April 2016, thyssenkrupp Infrastructure GmbH is set on doing things differently in the construction industry, a sector noted for its conservatism. One of the people behind the fresh approach at the thyssenkrupp Materials Services company is Momme Feddersen.

Special case at Material Services

“We’re something of a special case at Materials Services. We’re the only unit with our own production,” says Momme Feddersen. “As a leading supplier of civil, marine and foundation engineering solutions, we not only cover a very extensive spectrum of services for infrastructure projects, we also develop and produce our own machinery and products for our customers. So we’re not a classic distributor, we’re a very diversified company, which makes my job very exciting.”

Offering the right thing to the customer

Momme Feddersen has been with the company for almost a year and a half. As Head of Process and Innovation Management at thyssenkrupp Infrastructure GmbH, he is responsible for implementing management systems and dealing with strategic questions. One of his main areas of work is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), which involves integrating all the information arising during the lifetime of a product. His chief focus is on innovations.

“The central question is: Which products should be included in our portfolio? Our goal must always be to offer our customers the right products,” says the 34-year-old in a soft but unmistakable north German accent.

Overview of a Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Management as a recipe for success

The idea of introducing PLM at all subsidiaries came from the parent company. “After all, the launch of a new product is always an investment. We can’t afford to back the wrong horse. So it was absolutely the right decision to further professionalize our product development,” says the trained industrial engineer. “Product managers say that only one in ten products are successful – in some sectors only one in a hundred. We want to change that, after all budgets are limited and finite,” says Feddersen.

Product managers are the people Momme Feddersen works closely with, especially when it comes to developing new products. Together with customers and departments such as sales, purchasing, and development, product managers define the criteria a new product has to meet. Feddersen: “My role in PLM is to coordinate and support the teams, acting as a central hub.”

Did a lot of things right

Introducing a management system that encompasses almost all departments isn’t something that can happen overnight – it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. But for former triathlete Feddersen it’s a challenge he relishes. His strategic and empathetic approach to work helps him win over colleagues unused to new processes: “You could argue that introducing PLM is too much work. But after every training session I organize, the participants tell me we can use everything,” says Feddersen.

“Above all working with product professionals and colleagues who have been doing their job for 30 years makes my work incredibly interesting. It’s great to talk to so many different people about so many different areas and things,” says Momme Feddersen. And there’s one thing he’s sure about: “We’ve been getting a whole lot of things right at thyssenkrupp Infrastructure over the past few years!”

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