Career fairs: Let’s get together!

Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Insta, LinkedIn, Facebook – all well and good. But we want to talk to you in person about what thyssenkrupp has to offer. Check out the career fairs in Germany and a few other countries, where we are 2020 and 2021!

Want to know exactly what a development engineer does at thyssenkrupp? Or what awaits you as a 4D modelling & planning engineer? Or would you just like to get a feel for the kind of people who work at thyssenkrupp and our corporate culture? Now’s your chance to meet up with us at one of our recruitment fairs for graduates and professionals.

And this is also possible despite Corona

Due to the corona pandemic and the associated prevention measures, the recruitment fair season this year will be somewhat different than usual. Instead of the events being able to be visited in person, many of the planned fairs will take place virtually. Sounds like a disadvantage? But it definitely does not have to be one! You can get to know us from the comfort of your sofa or desk, chat with us and ask your personal questions.

Face-to-face with thyssenkrupp

Some recruitment fairs will continue to take place on site. Of course we are looking forward to your visit, getting to know you and of course the personal exchange with you. Under condition of hygiene measures you can meet our recruiters on site. They will give you information about the application process, career opportunities at thyssenkrupp and our current vacancies. But we usually also bring along some more colleagues from the business to the recruitment fairs who will share insights from the various specialist and business areas with you.

Katharina Knorr, Head of Sourcing and Recruiting Germany at thyssenkrupp, explains why recruitment fairs are indispensable even in the age of one-click applications and social recruiting ads: “In the end, it’s all about whether it makes a “click”. In other words, applicants can get a first impression of a company on career sites and in job ads. But the best way to find out whether I’m really on the same wavelength as my future colleagues is by direct exchange. A visit to a career fair or an interview can help. Especially for job starters.”

Talking openly about wishes and expectations

But what exactly does it come down to for applicants and company experts when they meet up? “We want to present an honest picture of the company, so rather than using lots of corporate speak we talk frankly about what applicants can expect and what we expect as a company’, says Katharina Knorr. ‘And in return we expect applicants to be authentic and tell us what they can bring to the table and what is important for them in a job.’

But you can meet us not only at fairs in Germany but also in other countries. We look forward to meeting you at one of the fairs listed below. Further information on careers at thyssenkrupp is available here.

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