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Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Insta, LinkedIn, Facebook – all well and good. But we want to talk to you in person about what thyssenkrupp has to offer. Check out the career fairs in Germany and a few other countries, where we are 2019 and 2020!

Want to know exactly what a development engineer does at thyssenkrupp Elevator? Or what awaits you as a 4D modelling & planning engineer at Industrial Solutions? Or would you just like to get a feel for the kind of people who work at thyssenkrupp and our corporate culture? Now’s your chance to meet up with us at one of our recruitment fairs for graduates and professionals.

Meet our thyssenkrupp colleagues

We will have recruiters at the fairs who will be able tell you all about the application process and what positions are currently available. But we will also be joined by colleagues from the businesses to give you insights into the various fields of work and thyssenkrupp’s companies. Lisa Sandvoß, Head of Employer Branding Germany at thyssenkrupp, explains why fairs remain essential even in the era of one-click applications and social recruiting ads: “At the end of the day it’s all about whether people click. Applicants can get a basic picture of a company from career websites and job ads, but you only ever find out whether you’re on the same wavelength as your future colleagues by meeting up in person. Recruitment fairs are a good way of doing this, especially for people just entering the job market.”

thyssenkrupp at Chinese Talent Days (Lisa Sandvoß on the right)

Talking openly about wishes and expectations

But what exactly does it come down to for applicants and company experts when they meet up? “We want to present an honest picture of the company, so rather than using lots of corporate speak we talk frankly about what applicants can expect and what we expect as a company,” says Lisa Sandvoß. “And in return we expect applicants to be authentic and tell us what they can bring to the table and what is important for them in a job.”

But you can meet us not only at fairs in Germany but also in other countries. We look forward to meeting you at one of the fairs listed below. Further information on careers at thyssenkrupp is available here.

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