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Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Özlem Taban-Kizilkan has been working as an attorney at thyssenkrupp Presta AG in Eschen, Liechtenstein, for almost three years. She is a Contract Manager in the Legal department, making her a highly sought expert and contact for the Purchasing and Human Resources departments.

With great dedication and expert knowledge, Özlem Taban-Kizilkan ensures that contracts are legally correct and reviews the consequences of the content for thyssenkrupp Presta AG. A large number of tasks land on her desk every day so it’s not always easy to answer all inquiries promptly, but thanks to her specialist knowledge and quick grasp of cross-company issues, it’s just business as usual.

Teamwork is Key

As a Contract Manager, Özlem Taban-Kizilkan acts as an interface between various departments. She advises them in their daily tasks and knows that integrated communication and teamwork are key here. “My experiences have taught me that open dialogue brings departments, employees and customers together and prevents conflicts,” she says. Against this background the 32-year-old encourages direct dialogue with colleagues through her open-door policy, enabling them to discuss anything that concerns them. “I really enjoy my job. I’ve always had a talent for communication and I added legal expertise in the course of my studies. Here I can combine the two to optimum effect,” says Özlem Taban-Kizilkan. In a few years she can imagine assuming a management role so she can pass on her experience to colleagues.

Enjoying Sports

Özlem Taban-Kizilkan is a cross-border commuter like many others who travel between Austria and Liechtenstein every day to work in Eschen. Coming from the Tyrol region, she naturally enjoys hiking in her free time. And she enjoys other sports too – whether outdoors after work or in the gym at thyssenkrupp Presta AG during her lunch break – preferably accompanied by music by the band Linkin Park.

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