Award-winning inventiveness at thyssenkrupp

innovation | thyssenkrupp honored for its start-up accelerator

thyssenkrupp is a modern company. The Group’s start-up program “Garage” provides further evidence of this. The thyssenkrupp Garage is an accelerator that supports young entrepreneurs with intensive coaching and drives their development. How does it work? In the thyssenkrupp Garage, employees become entrepreneurs: They have the opportunity to try out ideas and spin them into a notional but realistic vision for the future. At the end of the process they have to pitch their idea to the Group Executive Board and convince them that it has potential, is worth investing in, and will result in a product – let’s say an innovative form of transport – that will find a market. “Our Garage is a constantly recurring cycle, so lots of our employees have the opportunity to get involved. Our start-ups are delighted with the environment and the help we offer and are already asking for more,” says Patric Hellermann, one of the inventors of the Garage. The special thing about the thyssenkrupp Garage is that employees from different business areas come together there and form start-ups. In no time at all they develop into a highly motivated team with ambitious goals – although as a general rule they had never met before.


Unlike many other companies, we have not outsourced innovation to an external incubator. In the thyssenkrupp Garage innovation comes from within. This approach is so unique that the business magazine Capital has bestowed its award for the “best digital laboratory in German industry” on thyssenkrupp. thyssenkrupp came out top in 3 categories: the most groundbreaking innovation, the best methodology, and the best integration in the company’s own organization. “We have entrepreneurs. And the Garage gives us the space to support them. The Capital award shows that we do not leave groundbreaking innovations to others,” says Patric Hellermann.

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