Apprentice at BOBBY&CARL

Vivienne Billion

Since I was a little kid I loved to read stories – and above all to tell them. That’s why writing articles is so much fun for me. At the engineered blog, I can let my creativity flow freely and get intensively involved with the topics at thyssenkrupp. As a apprentice, I learn something new every day in the BOBBY&CARL content team. This is precisely what makes my training so exciting and enjoyable for me.

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Automotive-sector | future of production | mobility of the future | For the future of thyssenkrupp, our colleagues around the world are working to make our company more flexible, efficient, and powerful. Our new #newtk strategy focuses on this performance idea. For example, when good research ideas significantly enrich the work of customers and suppliers – the modular research platform (MRP) is on its way.