Patricia Janßen

I enjoy combining creativity with economics – that’s why I studied journalism, public relations and management. As a Content Manager I like putting our world into words. That’s why I travel around the world for the engineered editorial team, collecting interesting stories about our company, our products and the people that live thyssenkrupp every day. To breathe new life into my mind I enjoy travelling along the British coast – my favourite place on earth.

Last articles by Patricia Janßen

Career at thyssenkrupp | Job Swap is an opportunity to gain new experience and grow personally and professionally. Wondering how it works? It’s really simple: thyssenkrupp colleagues from all over the world exchange workplaces with a swap partner for up to three weeks. The idea of experiencing a completely different day-to-day routine, getting to know new working cultures and discovering unknown places sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too.
Work safety | Safety and health at work – everyone immediately thinks of shoes with steel toe caps, large-scale construction sites, heavy machinery and loads, but honestly: Do you always stick to the marked walkways? Do you drink enough water? Do you make sure you take regular breaks? The topic of health & safety has many facets. And not just once a year on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work – but in particular on that day – we focus on this topic.