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Ondra Menzel

I am a freelance journalist and write articles for BOBBY&CARL, for example. I find it exciting how large companies like thyssenkrupp are tackling the current challenges of the climate crisis. After all, sustainability and climate protection are close to my heart. Social networks are another passion. That’s why I also support BOBBY&CARL in this area.

Last articles by Ondra Menzel

Engineering | innovation | Fuel cells are seen as a great hope when it comes to efficient propulsion technologies for the future. The idea behind them is already around 180 years old - but today they are used primarily in modern submarines. To make submarines cheaper, more powerful and efficient in the future, the marine specialists at thyssenkrupp are currently working on the fourth generation of fuel cells. This is to be used as standard equipment from next year.
Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | Engineering | future of production | innovation | Smart factory | trends of technology | Technology has never before developed so fast as it does today. One trend replaces the next - that won’t change in 2020 either. Analog and digital worlds are merging, vast amounts of data provide the foundation for pinpoint production decisions, companies are merging digitally, product and production are in digital dialogue. Industry 4.0. thyssenkrupp is already using the Top Tech Trends of 2020.
Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | future of production | innovation | Industrial components from state-of-the-art 3D printers have decisive advantages over conventionally produced components. The naval experts at thyssenkrupp in Kiel are therefore working intensively to make 3D-printed components economical for submarine construction as well. The necessary quality and safety standards have already been set - together with a team of specialists from thyssenkrupp in Mülheim, they are now focusing on a major goal: the first series-produced submarine components.
Corporate culture | Engagement | People at thyssenkrupp | thyssenkrupp worldwide | His grandpa is a great role model for Scott Longmire, a real hero. Also, because he was strong for his family despite his moving story. At the age of eight, Grandpa Tom lost both parents. Suddenly he was homeless. He was saved by the youth home "Mercy Home" in Chicago. What would Grandpa Tom's life have been like without the sanctuary? Would he have given birth to Scott's mother? For Scott it's clear that he too owes his life to Mercy Home. Now he's running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for the youth home.