Julia Weil

Born-and-bred in the Ruhr Valley, thyssenkrupp has always been part of my life. Even more exciting, that I can now produce content as thyssenkrupp newbie during this exciting time! Since February 2019, I have been working as a trainee in Corporate Communications. Proof that humanities scholars also have perspectives. Getting to know extraordinary people, looking behind the scenes and telling exciting stories – that is what I look forward to the most.

Last articles by Julia Weil

Engagement | People at thyssenkrupp | thyssenkrupp worldwide | The novel coronavirus has hit Brazil with full force. Within the shortest time, the country developed to one of the epicenters of the corona pandemic. While in many parts of the world resources have been joined to fight the virus, some regions of Brazil are lacking much-needed help. For this reason, employees and management at thyssenkrupp's Campo Limpo site in Brazil decided to help where it is urgently needed. As a result, a total of 280 aid packages were distributed to people in need on site.
Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | Anyone who plays with the idea of starting an apprenticeship as a mother or father of small children is often confronted with prejudices. For many people, it still sounds impossible to combine child care and education. The balancing act between toys and textbooks is simply not feasible. Or is it? The experience of Désirée Kirchmann and Julia Wach, apprentices at thyssenkrupp, shows that having a child and doing an apprenticeship can be combined.
engineering together
Engineering | innovation | mobility of the future | People at thyssenkrupp | They research electromobility, design huge industrial plants, develop software that enables production plants to communicate with each other, and even work in the most remote places in the world: engineers ensure progress - and hardly any job is as multifaceted as theirs. During the official "Engineers Week" we focus on their pioneering spirit and showcase the various fields of our engineers’ work. For example Britta Mehring: She had once considered becoming a teacher, then discovered her passion for construction.
Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | People at thyssenkrupp | Exceptional skills and interests make each of our 160,000 colleagues unique. There is an unexpected potential slumbering in each of them. This is exactly what the tk Talents makes visible. How's that? Through individual training and the development of the talents. We will accompany eleven talents from the region Middle East and Africa on their way to unleash their own potential.