Jens Holtgrefe

Manager Internal Communications @ ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG; plans, researches, experiments, photographs, philosophizes and writes – has done for eight years, mainly about employees, elevators, escalators and Co. Despite a personal preference for printed paper and a certain bewilderment over the demise of teletext in the late 90s, he too now realizes that the internet is neither witchcraft nor sorcery, it’s unstoppable, definitely useful and far more than a multimedia playground for one’s daily job. His motto: He who writes, remains!

Last articles by Jens Holtgrefe

Engineering | thyssenkrupp Elevator is making a resolute move forward into the digital age. Integrating Microsoft HoloLens technology will give service technicians the ability to leverage computer-generated 3D applications and acquire virtual assistance from around the world in an effort to increase the uptime of elevators.
Urbanization | Developing the future in northern Spain: thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Innovation Center in Gijón develops groundbreaking inventions such as the ACCEL. The institution is one of the Group’s most important sources of ideas – partly due to an unconventional approach to work.