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Güllü Beydilli

From integrated mobility solutions for urban centers to intelligent networks (AI) for more effective production of automotive components – as part of the content team for the engineered blog and on our social media channels, I inspire every visitor with thyssenkrupp’s innovations and technologies and with the people behind the projects and success stories.

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Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | Dual courses of study are becoming increasingly attractive - in addition to practical training, they attract students with remuneration and good career opportunities. But no sweat, no prize: While other students enjoy their semester breaks, dual students are in the company and have to pass their exams within a set time frame. Peter Rudolf is a dual student at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and tells us why he decided to do a dual study program at the shipyard and what interested parties need to know about the dual study program at thyssenkrupp.
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Automotive-sector | Company | Worth knowing | Construction work at the thyssenkrupp site in Homburg is currently in full swing. By 2021, not only the world's most modern forging line but also the largest eccentric press for forged components is to go into production here. At around 80 million euros, it is the biggest investment in the history of the Saarland site - and an important sign for its future.
Engineering | innovation | To this day, the world's oceans and their seabed are largely unexplored. The conditions on the seabed are too extreme for humans – such as the very high pressure that exists in the depths of the oceans. These extreme circumstances have turned the deep sea to a fascination for mankind up to the present day. Above all, researchers, navies and utilities are interested in exploring the great unknown. The goal: comprehensive mapping of the seabed - a kind of Google Maps for the sea floor.
Automotive-sector | Engineering | future of production | innovation | In Europe alone, more than 20 million vehicles roll off the production lines every year, and almost 100 million worldwide. One thing is clear: At volumes like these, even small savings can have huge effects. thyssenkrupp Steel has developed an innovative process to production readiness which can achieve enormous savings in the manufacture of high-strength cold formed parts. But the two-stage deep drawing process known as smartform® offers further advantages: It reduces raw material requirements by up to 15 percent on average, improves quality and also reduces reworking and maintenance requirements. Per manufactured part, this can save between ten and 15 percent in costs.
Automotive-sector | Engineering | innovation | mobility of the future | Those who rely on electric mobility do not follow a fast-moving trend, but invest in a sustainable future. Our experts have set their attention on the heart of the electric car and sought out the ideal material to protect the batteries, which are as expensive as they are sensitive. The result: the selectrify® battery housing made of high-strength steel - safe, cost-effective and sustainable.