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innovation | Sustainability and climate protection | #greenminded is when unknown environmental toxins are getting in real trouble. We all know the climate killer CO2. However, only few of us know that the greenhouse gas N2O, often called laughing gas, is actually much more dangerous for our environment. N2O is about 300 times more climate-damaging than carbon dioxide. The EnviNOx® process dissolves the nitrous oxide into air.
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Automotive-sector | Engineering | mobility of the future | People at thyssenkrupp | While spring is slowly emerging in Germany, there is an absolute contrast for 18 colleagues. Their challenge? Find out whether our components for the automotive industry can withstand extreme conditions. And that’s exactly where the major car manufacturers tested their vehicles: on snow and ice. Raphael Stratmann is at the forefront of our #roadtripsweden. He demonstrates the necessary foresight when driving and gives us an overview of all locations when doing business.
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Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | Engineering | People at thyssenkrupp | To this day, women are underrepresented in many fields – also at industrial companies such as thyssenkrupp. For the International Women's Day, we talked to Tanneshia Kirby. As Executive Vice President of Quality at the elevator business unit in Atlanta, she now heads a large team of employees. Here, she explains why networks play a decisive role – and why various teams are an asset for corporations.
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Corporate culture | Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | innovation | trends of technology | How do a company with over 200 years of history and digital start-ups fit together? Quite well, says Ufuk Ergen – if the corporate culture is right. Together with colleagues and other companies he created Beyond Conventions. The goal of the event: to enable real cooperation between start-ups and corporations. He told us how it all started. And what companies can learn from start-ups.
Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | People at thyssenkrupp | thyssenkrupp worldwide | Thinking about Germany, the Oktoberfest, our Autobahn and a certain stiffness come to most people’s minds. Many international colleagues get to experience working for thyssenkrupp in Germany. They had different reasons to come to Germany - but all of them enhance our team. We asked a few colleagues working here, what else they got to know about their new home – and which stereotypes about Germans have proven to be correct.